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Black Tooth: Is It a Dental Emergency That Requires Immediate Attention?

In our Bound Brook dental practice, Some people think that black teeth suggest aging or inadequate oral hygiene. Others believe that black teeth might be an early indication of a significant medical condition. While your impression might be correct, there is more to it than first meets the eye. A black tooth may suggest an emergency situation you must resolve immediately.

In this blog post, we'll describe likely reasons your tooth has turned black and what you can do about it. Read on for more information about black teeth and if they're actually a prospective emergency.

Black tooth

What causes black teeth?

Black teeth can appear for numerous reasons. Some of the most common causes include:

- Bad oral health - Poor oral health is typically the reason for black teeth. However, black teeth can also be triggered by a variety of other health conditions that damage the tooth enamel and cause discoloration.

- Stains - Stains on your teeth that are triggered by foods, beverages, or tobacco are potentially black. Make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly two times a day and avoid utilizing tobacco products.

Tooth Decay

- Tooth decay - The primary cause of black tooth is dental decay. Tooth decay happens when unhealthy bacteria in your mouth cause the enamel to break down and eventually turn black. Also, if you have many wisdom teeth, they might also turn black as a sign of decay.

Black Teeth and Heart Disease

If you're a woman over the age of 35 and you have at least one black tooth, you may want to get it looked at. Black teeth might be an indication of a heart problem. You should see your dentist if you have several black teeth and you're over the age of 35.

The American Heart Association states that oral health related cardiovascular disease is on the rise.

This is because of extended exposure to hazardous substances in the mouth that can harm your heart.

While black teeth are not a conclusive indication of heart disease, they could be an indicator of future problems down the line. If you observe that you have a great number of black teeth, speak with a medical professional about it. You might be at risk for other health issues that might potentially be exacerbated by bad oral health.

Here at Bound Brook Smiles we have extensive experience helping those with a Dental Emergency. Call us at today if you need assistance. We are here to help!

How to Determine If a Black Tooth Is an Emergency

If your black tooth is triggering significant pain or you're constantly concerned about it, you might wish to seek out medical attention. It is essential to note that black teeth can be a result of a severe medical condition.

These conditions include (but are not limited to):

- Halitosis - Halitosis takes place when the production of saliva is blocked due to medications or a medical condition.

If a blockage of your saliva is causing black teeth, it might also signify a serious health problem.

- Tooth Abscess - Tooth abscesses can appear in anybody, even those with healthy mouths. Nevertheless, tooth abscesses in black teeth are worrying. If you observe a tooth that has an uncomfortable red or white area on the tooth, address it right away.

What to Do If You Find That Your Tooth Is Indicative of an Emergency Situation

If you discover that your black tooth is in fact indicative of an emergency circumstance, you must look for medical attention immediately.

Black tooth that are the result of a major medical condition need to be attended to right away to prevent further damage.

Here at Bound Brook Smiles we have extensive experience helping those with a Dental Emergency. Call us at today for assistance.

If you discover that your tooth is black due to a health condition other than the ones noted above, you must still brush and floss your teeth regularly. Black teeth can frequently be prevented by simply practicing good oral hygiene.

If you do not brush and floss your teeth routinely, bacteria in your mouth can cause decay and damage your tooth enamel. This causes the tooth to potentially turn white, gray, or black. You may likewise find that your teeth are misaligned or buckled.

This is another sign that your teeth are rotting and need attention. If you come into our office we can quickly assess the situation and give the right guidance on what to do next.


If you have black teeth, you may be questioning what to do about them

Black teeth are typically caused by bad oral health or tooth decay. However, they can also signify a serious health condition. If your black teeth are troubling you or you notice that they're deforming your bite, you should look for immediate medical attention.

Here at Bound Brook Smiles we are standing by to help everyone in the Bound Brook NJ and surrounding areas!. Call us at immediately to book an appointment to resolve your black tooth today!.


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