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General & Family Dentist

Your best life begins with a smile!

Dentist in Bound Brook NJ

Our practice offers a wide range of dental services to care for you and your family’s needs. Dental health is an important part of leading a happy and fulfilling life.


We want to get to know all our patients on a personal level. We want to understand your needs, concerns, and desires when it comes to your dental health. This way, we can prioritize what needs to be done to achieve your goals. Our Bound Brook Dentist is located at 123 E Maple Ave, Bound Brook, NJ 08805. 

Some of The General & family services we provide here in Bound Brook Smiles

Exam and Teeth Cleaning

  • Dental exams are important for keeping your smile healthy and sparkling! During your visit, Dr. Buddhi will start by checking for cavities and evaluating your gum health. Most people should visit the dentist every six months for a professional cleaning and oral exam.

  • By deep cleaning your teeth, you can remove bacteria, tartar, pigment, and other tartar on the tooth surface and reduce the inflammatory conditions of gingivitis and periodontitis.

Root Canal Treatment

  • Root canal treatment is performed when the nerve of a tooth becomes inflamed.

  • The root canal is located in the center of the tooth's root, where the pulp and nerves exist. Root canal therapy is a treatment performed when both nerves become inflamed or necrotic.

  •  Currently, root canal treatment technology is relatively mature. However, it is the best treatment to save teeth with pulp and periapical disease.

Tooth Fillings

A tooth filling is used to fix a small hole or cavity in a tooth. To repair a cavity, our head dentist removes the decayed tooth tissue and then fills the space with a filling material. Fillings can not only improve teeth health but also avoid problems such as pulpitis and periodontitis caused later.

Porcelain teeth

Porcelain teeth are mainly used to restore the shape of the tooth defect after tooth loss while protecting the remaining tooth tissue and restoring the tooth's function. Usually, a porcelain crown is used on the tooth's surface to restore its shape and function.

Periodontal and gum disease

Periodontal disease generally refers to a condition that occurs in the tissues around the teeth due to bacterial infection, which causes the gums and the alveolar bone that supports the teeth to shrink, causing the teeth to shake and even leading to tooth loss in severe cases. According to research, more than half of  American adults suffer from periodontal disease, and more than 90% suffer from gingivitis.

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